Empowered Local Interactions


Responding to online reviews, customer inquires, or feedback as they happen in real-time has never been easier with Reputation Shielder. We are helping you build trust through personable communication to grow your revenue.


Connect your business with review sites across the web directly with Reputation Shielder. Attract customers, build & monitor brand awareness, and improve your online reputation through familiar channels.



Operational Insights


Make data driven decisions with our platform. Easily monitor your business on several directories such as Google, Facebook, and industry specific sites.  Monitor your brand everywhere, monitor competitors, and close the feedback loop sooner.


Did you know, 92% of consumers will use a business that has at least a 4-star rating.



Consumer Sentiments


Our powerful cloud based natural language processing reveals the structure and meaning of reviews by offering powerful machine learning. You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more! Our platform helps you to understand sentiments and net promoter score (NPS) about your product on review sites or parse intent from customer conversations happening in real-time.



Attract More Customers


88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Can your business be found easily?


We use your happiest customers to market for your on sites that matter most to you.

How is your business seen online?


Online reviews is the new digital word of mouth which is more powerful than ever before.



Only From Reputation Shielder

We have built a powerful online reputation management system

Monitor Reviews

Monitor in real-time reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, and 20+ other sources all from a single dashboard.

Review Generation

Generate 20 times more reviews on industry specific sites that matters most to your business.

Review Funnel

Guide your customers to leave reviews on sites that matters most to your business through our clear and concise review funnel.

Attract More

Social proof through online reviews is the new word of mouth and the best way to gain more customers.

Impact SEO

Online reviews have a huge impact on your business within your area. We can help you become more visible for potential consumers.

Feedback Loop

Increase retention by listening, measuring, and improving sooner with our platform with real-time alerts.


Reputation Shielder is helping over hundreds of businesses.  


You too can make better business decisions based on online review data. Get started today!

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