Some of our favorite features

Customizable messaging & review funnel to personalize your review requests

Request review invite from customers by text message (SMS) or email

24/7/365 Cloud-Based platform to view, analyze and track performance

Prevent negative feedback & create processes to improve future experiences

Two-Step click review invite to your customers & contacts

Use your customers reviews as marketing materials & on social media

Targeted reviews on sites that matter to your business

Dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure you're setup to succeed

Share your review ratings with our rich snippet export and widget

Review Generation


Our platform allows you not only to monitor your online reputation but to generate reviews from your happiest customers. With our fully mobile platform makes it easier for you to obtain reviews through email and text messages up to 20 times on sites that matter most such as Google, Facebook, and any industry specific sites.

Review Funnel


Our review funnel protects your company from negative reviews being left online on sites where it may hurt your online reputation. With this funnel you can see negative reviews left on a private feedback form for you to address behind the scene.

Review Monitoring


Our dashboard has all the review sites you need in one place to monitor your online reputation. You can respond quickly to reviews as they come, and even get real-time notification once your customers have left a review about your company.

Empowering local connections. It’s that simple.


Our platform helps your business succeed with tools you need to connect with existing and potential customers.

Consumer Sentiments


*** Coming Soon *** Reading consumer reviews left online and extracting from it the raw emotions behind text is not simple. But, this will help your business understand consumers emotions and provide you with a better idea of how well your company is performing based on these sentiments. Using a patented AI cloud natural language processing, we can figure out your customers true emotions through text, and provide you with insights.

Review Marketing


Now, with a steady flow of reviews being left on sites that matter most, you can use your online reputation to market to potential clients by displaying your ratings online. Most consumers measure online reviews in terms of relevancy, and how old the reviews are. Anything older than 3 months is usually disregarded by consumers.

Social Mentions


*** Coming Soon *** Combing social media with reputation management is crucial when we live in a day and age where consumers are more connected. The new word of mouth is instantaneous and so are negative experiences. That is why, we monitor your social media feed and microblogs to ensure that if you or your competitor were mentioned somewhere in social media, you can respond in real-time.

Enhance your online reputation.


Reputation Shielder supercharges your online reputation, from all across the web, into a single dashboard where you can manage your online reviews and collect from multiple sites. With Reputation Shielder, we make it user-friendly, easy for you to respond, collect, and see your online reviews to make more expeditious, better-apprised decisions.


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