Company History


Reputation Shielder Inc. was founded in 2017 with a vision to help businesses improve their online reputation.


Our founder having spent 10+ years working for a small family business was inundated with negative reviews and wanted to change the negative perception that overshadowed the company. After months of researching into what would be the best solution and having experience in an internet business, Reputation Shielder was founded. He wanted to use his knowledge to help local businesses grow through effective use of search engine marketing.


Initially, our team of one man was overwhelmed with daily tasks. He needed to find more talented partners and needed to automate repetitive tasks such as finding businesses, tracking analytics, identifying customers, generating & monitoring reviews. We looked around for specialized tools that would help but couldn’t find any. Sure there were lots of companies out there that offered something like it but none that would help local businesses & local agencies.


So, we decided to seek out talented individuals and build the platform for ourselves. We trial tested it with a few reputable companies. Then we showed our platform to our network of friends and the response was unanimous “This is an amazing platform! We need it.”


And so Reputation Shielder was born.


And the journey has only just started.


Latest update, our last few months we have experienced exponential growth! We look forward to hearing from you soon and providing superior service with our expanded executive team.




Reputation Shielder Inc. is a SaaS (software as a service) company that is focused on empowering businesses with advanced tools to fostering ever-lasting relationships with their clients through analytics and online reputation management.


We believe that in today’s world consumers are overwhelmed with information, and the traditional forms of marketing are saturated. Reputation Shielder brings an innovative way to engage consumers and using your clients to market for you.


Reputation Shielder single dashboard platform enables businesses to monitor reviews from all major sites, gain new reviews, manage customer feedback, and automatically promote their good reputation across the web, social media, and search engines. Reputation Shielder Customer Experience Platform converts in-moment feedback into swift corrective actions, leading to positive experiences; our Cloud language API processing and big data engine gleans all the customer feedback to provide businesses with actionable insights and competitive benchmarking to fine-tune products, services, marketing, and operations. You can see what is said, and how its said through our software so that you have the ultimate advantage in driving traffic to your business.

What do you think consumers care the most about when choosing a reputable company?


Consumers don’t care about the fancy flashy ads. They care about businesses that listens, like the old saying goes “Customers are always right”. Its about the experience, and the extra mile. When businesses makes their customers happy, they will do the marketing for you. Making them one of your most valuable marketing resource. 



Reputation Shielder’s innovative software works with marketing and operations consultants all over the globe.  We can work with you to create a solution to help your clients improve their relations with their market. We are actively seeking partnerships with consultants, and in you’re interested we would like to talk to you.