Popular Features

Review Generation

Manage Multiple Locations

Effortlessly generate more reviews for a single location to several locations from our dashboard.

Cloud Phone/Email Verification

Our real-time cloud based machine learning verification process verifies your texts and emails to ensure 99.9% delivery. Avoiding spam trap detection and providing an in-depth health check on each review invite before sending.

Custom Templates

Reputation Shielder’s platform allows you to have complete control over your email, SMS, and MMS templates. In addition, our platform allows you to fully customize the messaging you want to send to your customers. You can even assign pictures and messages right down to each employee on your team, and create a more personable experience.

Retail Mode

Retail mode is a self-serve mode where your customers can request a review invite on their own. Whether you’re a busy restaurant or a retail outlet you can have an iPad at your store allowing your customers to request a review invite. Customers can receive a review invite via text messaging or email.

Dedicated Phone Number

Having a dedicated phone number allows you to request reviews from a personalized number unique to your business. You can also respond and initiate text messages from your dedicated phone number. Its an application to end user device messaging system that will help you connect with your customers through familiar channels such as text messaging to answer any questions or concerns in real-time.

Bulk Review Aqusition

Use our bulk send feature to send multiple review invites via text messaging or email. Our easy drag and drop or upload feature supports CSV and excel files.

Review Funnel

Segregate positive vs negative reviews though our platform and take preemptive actions on actionable feedback. Guide your customers to leave reviews on sites that matters most to your business through our clear and concise review funnel.

Review Automation

Automate timing, sending, reminders, and follow-ups of review invites.

Review Monitoring

Industry Specific Review Sites

Monitor your business on industry specific review sites and over 20+ review sites.

Consumer Sentiments

Our powerful cloud based natural language processing reveals the structure and meaning of reviews by offering powerful machine learning. You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more! Our platform helps you to understand sentiments and net promoter score (NPS) about your product on review sites or parse intent from customer conversations happening in real-time.

Monitor Competitors

Monitor up to six (6) competitors using our platform to see how you stack up against your competition. See what others are saying about your competitors, and how they are rated on industry specific review sites across the globe.

Custom Reporting

View, create, print, and export custom reports on insights to popular storage drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Our custom reports provides you with insights on open, click-through rates, conversions, delivery status, leaderboard, and more!

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time review alerts lets you know right away when a review is left about your company via text and email.

Review Marketing


Our easy-share features allows you to share your positive reviews to popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Rich Snippet Embedding

Our rich-snippet exporting allows you to share your positive reviews to popular websites such as WordPress, Drupal, and more.

Video Reviews

Share your video testimonials to popular video hosts such as Wistia and Youtube. Track analytics on them, and impact your local SEO with your happiest customers.

Social Listening & Monitoring


With RepMention you get real-time alerts to monitor important keywords and competitors related to your business and industry.


Integrations Overview

Reputation Shielder enables you to integrate with popular apps that you are working with seamlessly.


We make it easy to integrate with today’s most-used, third-party CRMs, email marketing, storage solutions, advertising and optimization solutions. Plus, Reputation Shielder allows you to publish reviews as a natural extension of your existing site to popular platforms like WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.


See all the integrations here.

Publishing to WordPress, Drupal, or Custom Sites

Publish to any domain, whether it’s running on WordPress, Drupal, or is a custom backend to increase user engagement and market your business.

Security & Support

Enterprise Security

Our database is decentralized and has the same level of security that have been implemented by financial institution. We ensure your data is never abused and never resold in any way. We adhere to data protection regulations set out by EU-U.S.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Our expert support team at Reputation Shielder will assist you with your questions. Submit a ticket or reach out on live chat.

Chat & Email Support

Our Customer Success Team is on duty 24/7/365, which means all support requests are resolved in record time. Having trouble sending review invites?  or needing a template tweaked? Send us a message and your problem will get solved quickly with ease. Don’t have time to wait for an email? Visit Reputation Shielder’s main website. You will find the live chat widget on the bottom-right side of the screen.

Enterprise Features

White Label

Improve and market your brand by using our white label solution to build your agency or enterprise.

Dedicated Success Manager

Our staff is here to assist you and to ensure your success of using our platform. You will have throughout your entire subscription a dedicated success manager to answer any questions, training, and implementation.

Custom Solutions

Need more locations, team members, sub-locations, or visitors per month? Or have any other branding needs? Leverage advanced capabilities, customizability, and security available on our Enterprise plan.

Expert Template Reviews

Our review template articles and customer support team can educate you on review template best practices and A/B testing tips. Even with advanced support, sometimes that still may not be enough to build a perfect review funnel. Premium Reputation Shielder users can take advantage of a template design review. Each review is a comprehensive look at over a dozen design and conversion techniques with suggestions for improvement from one of our Conversion & Implementation Experts.

Domain Binding

Our experts will work with you to setup a custom domain using your existing domain.

Billing Portal

We provide you with a turnkey reputation management system that can directly bill your clients through our enterprise solution. Integrating with popular online processing systems like Stripe, Paypal, and more!

API Integration

Our universal API allows cross-platform integrations with over 90+ endpoints to seamlessly integrate with various platforms across the globe. Automate the entire process and extract vital  data for your business in seconds.

SIP Integration

We’re excited to introduce a new way to use the our Voice/Messaging API – via SIP Registration. Now you can connect your SIP-enabled devices or softphones directly to our platform and use the Voice/Messaging API to handle calls and messages. For example, you can get phone numbers in nearly 50 countries for those phones with our platform.

SIP Registration is available now and it’s free to register multiple devices per user. That’s enough to make even the most device-crazy person happy.
*Setup costs are involved and may change your monthly plan.

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