Introducing Reputation Shielder


An industry leader in business insights and online reputation management.

We’ve made it simple for your business to generate online reviews and market to potential customers.

Manage negative reviews


With our review funnel your negative reviews goes to a private feedback in real-time.

Get instant notifications on negative reviews and take preemptive actions before they escalate.

Single Dashboard


All the most important reviews in one place for you to respond to from a single point. Our platform integrates several sites such as Google, Facebook, and industry specific review sites.

Market Reviews


With a diversified portfolio of recent reviews from sites like Google, and Facebook to industry specific sites. You can use your online reputation to market to potential customers as to why they should choose you over your competitors. Build your brand trust and loyalty by using your happiest customers to market for you.

Generate Reviews


Our platform along with our IOS + Android app makes it easy for you to collect reviews from customers on sites that matter most with an increase of up to 20x more in reviews. So you always have customers talking about your business.

Consumer Sentiments


See what consumers are saying about your business with using our patented AI cloud natural language processing we can figure out your customers true emotions through text, and provide you with insights. This will help your business understand consumers emotions and provide you with a better idea of how well your company is performing based on these sentiments. There is always room for improvement!

Google & iOS App


With our iOS + Android app you can take full control of our platform wherever you go with.

Social Mentions


Combining social media into reputation management is crucial when we live in a day and age that consumers are more connected. The new word of mouth is instantaneous and so are negative experiences. That is why, we monitor your social media feed to ensure that if you were mentioned somewhere in social media that you can respond to in real-time.

Restful API


Developers API is one of the greatest tool we have to offer our clients to integrate with their software to ease administrative tasks.

RepTalk Local


You or your employees will now be able to talk to each of your client through our platform with a personalized phone number. This will allow for quicker communication with your customers to provide quotes, take any preemptive actions or answer questions.


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